Company Ownership

There are two ways of owning a Maltese-flagged craft:

1. Either via a foreign company (even an "offshore" entity like let's say a Marshall Islands or United Kingdom or Cypriot company etc) which might be an existing or brand-new one (normally we should be asking for a Good Standing Certificate, an Incumbency Certificate etc). In this case, this entity should be registered as an International Owner with the Registrar of Shipping and appoint a Resident Agent in the Republic of Malta through us.

2. Or via a Maltese-registered Company. Applicable fees as follows:

  • Incorporation - EUR1,500.00
  • Annual Service Fee (Registered Office, Company Secretary, Resident Agent, administrative maintenance etc) - EUR1,800.00
  • Apostilled documents (for corporate/banking purposes) - EUR450.00
  • Nominee Director - EUR1,250.00 p.a. (optional)
  • Nominee Shareholder - EUR1,000.00 p.a. (optional)
  • Bank Account - EUR850.00 (optional)
  • Courier fees - EUR75.00

Please see our Corporate Application Form in order to start the process of incorporation.